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These are the participants of Lemna project:

Ainia is a technological center created in 1987 and formed by more than 900 companies, mainly of the food sector. Ainia’s mission is to add value to companies through innovation and technological development in a responsible and committed way. Accredited with the number 3 in the Register of Centers of Innovation and Technology of Spain, ainia has a clear global vocation oriented to give an effective answer to the business needs.

Ainia, through the Department of Environment, works in the development of technologies for nutrient recovery and wastewater treatment and anaerobic digestion from the anaerobic digestion of agro-food waste.
Ainia develops R & D projects and technical assistance in these lines of work, developing and adapting technologies to valorize and treat different types of wastewater and organic waste. Ainia counts on laboratories and pilot plants of anaerobic digestion, of aquatic biomass cultivation and biorefinery.

Contact person: Mr. Andrés Pascual
Tel.: +34 96 136 60 90
E-mail: apascual@ainia.es
Web: www.ainia.es

The National Centre for Biotechnolgy (CNB) is a research centre that forms part of the Spanish National Research Council (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, CSIC), Spain’s most important public scientific institution. The CNB is distinguished by its versatile interdisciplinary research that combines molecular biology methods with the latest technology in the fields of functional and structural biology. We are a team of more than 600 professionals committed to research excellence.

Research in the Plant Molecular Genetics Department studies the molecular basis of the regulatory pathways that control plant development, environmental adaptation and protective responses to biotic and abiotic stresses. Interests of our research groups focus on the control of root architecture, shoot branching, photomorphogenesis and photoperiodism, adaptation to nutrient shortage or to toxic metals, and responses to pathogens and pests. Besides the intrinsic fundamental interest in understanding key biological processes in plants, our research seeks to derive new tools and methods to improve crop production, based on the use of natural biodiversity and on genetic engineering innovations.

Contact person: Mr. Carlos Alonso Blanco
Email: calonso@cnb.csic.es
Tel.: 91585 4967
Web: Genetic and molecular basis of naturally-occurring variation in plant development

Contact person: Mr. Antonio de Leyva Tejada
Email: aleyva@cnb.csic.es
Tel.: 91585 4534/4525
Web: Molecular mechanism underlying arsenic phytoremediation

ECOBIOGAS develops sustainable energy production systems by exploiting the enormous potential represented by the extraction of biogas from organic matter. ECOBIOGAS is specialized in biogas plants, to obtain green energy and improve the management of organic waste. In a biogas plant, biogas is produced and transformed into electrical and thermal energy (hot water). ECOBIOGAS currently has biogas plants operating in Catalonia.

PORGAPORCS SL is a family business (family Porta) in the livestock sector. The business started with a little farm of fettering pigs 40 years ago. Nowadays the farm has got the capacity for 1.100 sows, 4.500 feeders and 965 growers. In 2006, the family Porta, built a biogas plant in order to take profit of the slurry produced in the farm. Mixing this slurry with other residues of the food industry the plant produces biogas.
OGAS currently has biogas plants operating in Catalonia.

Economical and technical assessment

E-lemna tool is the first application to analyize the economical and technical assessment of LEMNA system for a different climate conditions, and it will be a relevant resource to be used in the replication activities to be carried out after de project.


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