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Preliminary activities (Actions A):
Action A.1. EXPORINSA and AINIA will obtain information for designing, and to establish the baseline scenario for future monitoring.
Action A.2. By CNB and AINIA, includes both the setting up of duckweed screening and growth lab and pilot trials to support implementation activities.

Implementation activities (Actions B):
Action B.1. CNB will develop a collection of wild duckweed strains from three different duckweeds species Lemna minor, Lemna gibba and Spirodela polyrrhiza, including their genetic characterization and samples preservation.
Action B.2. CNB will select at least two duckweed strains due to their fast growth and efficient nutrient recovery in real digested manure samples. Demonstration activities will be carried out in a EU representative pig farm located in Castilla-LaMancha (Spain) owned by EXPORINSA. This company runs a modern farming installation for 73.000 piglets/year, low N diets, own crop fields, feed and fertiliser supply, and a 500kWe biogas plant for manure treatment with a design capacity of 36.500 m3 of manure per year.
Actions B.3, B.4, B.5, B.6 and B.7. AINIA will lead the design (B.3), construction and setting up (B.4.) of a pioneer duckweed prototype of 250m2 in EXPORINSA farm to run full scale trials (B.5.) and to evaluate nutrient recovery efficiency at different conditions. All partners will be involved in demo trials which will provide duckweed biomass so that AINIA can analysis their composition, and produce duckweed biofertilisers and feed samples for EXPORINSA to determine their agronomic and nutritional quality respectively, as well as their economic value under real conditions (B.6.). Partners will develop a pack of useful resources including an e-tool for future replication in other EU farms (B.7.).

Monitoring activities (Actions C):
Action C.1. Monitoring of the impact of the project activities (Actions C) include monitoring key indicators and performing a LCA leaded by AINIA that has LCA software tools (Gabi 6.2® Software and its databases (PE International 2006), and using also the Ecoinvent® v2.1 database) and experience in a number of environmental projects.
Action C.2. Includes a local socio-economic survey to evaluate project benetifs.

Dissemination activities (Actions D):
All project partners will run a number of dissemination activities (Actions D) addressed to key private and public stakeholders and main audiences, and participate in the management activities (Actions E).

Management activities (Actions E):
All project partners will participate in the management activities (Actions E).

Economical and technical assessment

E-lemna tool is the first application to analyize the economical and technical assessment of LEMNA system for a different climate conditions, and it will be a relevant resource to be used in the replication activities to be carried out after de project.


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