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Keep up-to-date on Lemna project progress

In this section you will be able to consult the milestones, events, meetings, and any aspect of interest in the development of the Lemna project.


Toma de muestras

Continuan los trabajos de desarrollo de la colección de variedades autóctonas de Lemna.


LIFE LEMNA project meeting

Meeting of the LIFE LEMNA consortium, which will discuss the project progress and the activities planned for the coming months. We will visit the facilities of the National Center of Biotechnology dedicated to the characterization and study of aquatic plants, as well as the facilities of AINIA dedicated to the cultivation of lemna.


Innovation Conference: Biorefinery

The objective of the conference is to announce the technological innovations and business opportunities associated with the development of biorefineries for the use of agri-food or urban biomass. We will show practical case studies of innovation projects and projects currently underway. We will also explain all the possibilities of funding in Spain and the EU that help companies to develop these projects.

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Lemna project new website

LIFE LEMNA aims to construct the first full scale nutrient removal system in EU based on the production of duckweed which will be applied to uptake N, P and other nutrients from the swine manure after an anaerobic digestion. The resulting duckweed biomass will be a source of high value protein source for feed (bio-based products) and biofertilizers.

Economical and technical assessment

E-lemna tool is the first application to analyize the economical and technical assessment of LEMNA system for a different climate conditions, and it will be a relevant resource to be used in the replication activities to be carried out after de project.


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